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New Webstore Following EMB Power/New Eagle Partnership




In the last quarter of 2020, we were delighted to be able to announce our collaboration with New Eagle LLC, appointing EMB Power Limited as the sole UK supplier for the New Eagle Raptor software and hardware. EMB Power is thrilled with this opportunity. As such, we have made some exciting new developments, in March 2021 launching the EMB Power Webstore and updating and at the same time refreshing the existing EMB Technical Services site with a fresh new look.

New Eagle LLC

New Eagle specializes in mechatronic control systems — the electronic brains that drive mechanical systems. New Eagle is a multi-award-winning, community-spirited, WBENC and WOSB certified women-owned business, and this partnership brings a wealth of additional choice for EMB’s customers. The Raptor platform offers speed, ease of use, and a lower cost due to the embedded model-based design for creating programmable mechatronic control systems for vehicles and machines. This fits so well with our current engineering solutions, which stretch right out into the automotive, marine, agricultural, commercial, aerospace, and industrial sectors throughout Europe.

Endorsed by New Eagle

We are delighted that Rich Swortzel, CEO of New Eagle, is able to see the hard work we have put in lining ourselves up as one of the best industry partners in Europe. Speaking about the new collaboration, he said, “EMB Power brings a wealth of real-world engineering experience in a range of mechatronic applications in Europe. Their broad experience is a great fit for the flexibility that Raptor offers to design the right mechatronic solution for their customers’ needs.”

An Exciting Opportunity for EMB

Speaking about the EMB Power Ltd and New Eagle LLC technology partnership, our managing director Adrian Barber spoke positively about the future. He said, “Raptor provides a robust development platform for production-scale systems. By using the Raptor suite, we’re able to provide our customers with the cost advantages of off-the-shelf hardware with the flexibility and power that they usually could only find with custom systems.”

Growing the Partnership

We have launched a new web store where both our products and those of New Eagle will be available to customers in the UK. EMB already offers custom engineering solutions, high voltage asset management systems, battery lifecycle consultancy, and hybrid propulsion technology development. We will continue to be able to meet all of our customers’ off-highway control, logging systems, and telemetry needs. New Eagle brings additional products to the inventory, including Raptor controllers, tools, and software, specifically designed with the customer in mind to give them full control and to develop a safe, reliable production control system rapidly. New Eagle also has a massive range of knowledge and experience to draw on. We will be able to offer this to our end-users and our combined team of experienced application engineers, constantly developing new ways for experienced and mechatronic controls and electronic brains driving mechanical systems.


These really are exciting times for UK-based companies looking to develop autonomous, electric, and hybrid vehicles with the Raptor platform, which offers the ability to control the vehicle development process right from initial idea through to production.

To learn more about what the Raptor products can do for you, have a look at our new web store,, and our refreshed Technical Services website found at, and contact us for any development enquiries we can help you with at